Rafael Hrasko

Generalist Programmer

About me



I have worked as a game programmer for about 5 years in the game industry, and 7 years as a freelance programmer in my own indie company.  During that time, I obtained my bachelor and master degree in computer sciences. I have published one major title and several small ones. I also led a small developer team back in 2012 and teached programming for four years.


  • Deep Learning, G.O.A.P., Fuzzy logic and other A.I. techniques
  • Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4 and GODOT engines
  • FMOD, NGUI, Photon Multiplayer SDK, Facebook API, Kontangent, Google Analytics API and many other plugins
  • Build management with TeamCity
  • Machine Learning with Theano Python library
  • C#, C++, SQL, Python, PHP, JQuery
  • Project management with Scrum Agile and Jira


  • 3 years of experience outside industry as software developer
  • One of the founders of MSDev-ES, group of developers and Microsoft “evangelists”
  • Worked as a volunteer in 2006 on a project for poor children
  • Worked overseas in USA back in 2007


Videogames; Tabletop games; RPG; Fiction books; Artificial Intelligence; Game Design; Applied Psychology; Philosophy; Data Analysis; Design Patterns; Storytelling Patterns; Archery; Kenjutsu; Super-heroes; Mythology; Cyberpunk; Sci-Fi; Space Operas; Heavy Metal; Synthwave; Audio Editing; Anime; Mangas;

Heavy Metal Machines

Currently on this game since 2016. Heavy Metal Machines is a fast-paced free to play car battle that combines unique gameplay on a post-apocalyptic world of Heavy Metal. Find out more on  http://heavymetalmachines.com/

Game Portfolio

There were more games i`ve worked with, but they are not relevant enough. I`ll post about them someday